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1996: Starlight Safety Technology Branch of 9609 Factory was established
2000: Foshan Xingguang Building Equipment Co., Ltd. was formally established and the first two-line TOP-18 and TOP-48 building intercom systems were introduced.
2002: Introduce TOP-780 and TOP-980 intercom systems for large residential areas
2003: Safety TOP-2001 Building Interphone System
2004: Establish the Overseas Trade Department, formally start the foreign trade business, and pass the ISO9001 international quality system certification in an all-round way.
2005: The TOP-2003 Intelligent Building Interphone System was launched, and the products were further developed.
In 2006, six new TOP-2003 subsystems and TOP-188 products were introduced.
2007: NT-2 multimedia information publishing technology completed the acceptance of provincial science and technology commission, and passed the "EU CE certification" and the "Kangju Demonstration Project Selection Product" certification of the Ministry of Construction.
2008: TOP-2003 Informatization Visual Interphone System with Advertising Door Host as the Core
2009: Full Touch 7-inch Color Visual Extension and Management Center
2010: Launching DT Series Smart Home
2011: Introducing T-5 Wire Visual Interphone System
2012: Introduction of T-8 Full Digital Visual Interphone System
2014: Formal relocation to Foshan Nanhai High-tech Development Zone
2015: Winning the Second Prize of Foshan Science and Technology for Facial Recognition Technology
2016: launching omnipotent King E-3 network visual system
2017: won the third prize of "fingerprint authentication technology of Guangdong province science and technology"
2018: Introduction of E-8 HD Digital System

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