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Install Starlight Palm App Demo

Install Starlight Palm App Demo

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Step 1
Mobile phone scan QR code, install Starlight Palm App


Step 2
Open the APP, click "Add Door Machine", scan the license QR code provided by the property, you can complete.

Step 3

Generate door opening QR code

1. Shake to generate temporary QR code (valid for one hour)

2, manually generate a QR code of the specified validity period

Click on the building block number in the upper left corner and click "Start Date" to set the start date of the validity period.

Then click "End Date" to set the end date of the validity period.

Finally click on "Generate QR Code"

Note: You can also set the temporary QR code in this way, set the expiration date, and share it for temporary use by visitors.


Step 4

Open the door with a QR code

Press the “#” button on the authorized unit door machine to enter the QR code or face recognition to open the door, open the generated QR code on the phone, and place the phone in the front of the unit door camera at about 20-30CM. The electric lock can be opened after the unit door machine is correctly identified.