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Digital Age | XG-BUILDING settled in Shuguang Mingcheng

Digital Age | XG-BUILDING settled in Shuguang Mingcheng

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Recently, XG-BUILDING E-8 full digital visual system entered the Shuguang Mingcheng residential community project in Hebei Province, with a total of 2,844 households.

The Shuguang Mingcheng residential community project is a project of Liuhe Industrial Co., Ltd. invested 300 million yuan to renovate the residential project. The total construction area of the project is about 436,091 square meters, including residential, supporting public buildings, infrastructure, and civil air defense projects.

Guangming City residential area adopts Starlight Building E-8 full digital video intercom system, which uses standard TCP/IP network transmission mode to fully realize network to home. It has H.264 encoding and 720P high-definition video display effect. It can realize visual intercom, anti-theft alarm, wide-playing, information release, household call and other special functions.

H8 digital system unit host


> Inline CCD camera, adjustable angle, field of view width

> Built-in ID or IC card reader, unlocked by swiping

> Switch the door machine video signal to the management center with the management machine

> Intercom can be intercomed with the extension, remote unlocking of the receiving extension

> Call the management center machine to receive remote unlocking of the central machine

> External network controller for all host networking in the community

> One building can connect multiple hosts and support multiple door access

> With tamper alarm device, illegal disassembly will automatically sound an alarm

> Live voice prompts for user convenience

> Can use the extension password to implement unlocking, support public / personal password two unlock mode

> External multimedia information publisher with multimedia information publishing and image recording functions, and is available at the extension

> Network cable and sheathed cable interface coexist, more versatile

Standard 7-inch color LCD screen, simple panel layout, good environmental coordination, perfect interpretation of the beauty of the three-dimensional.


● Image and audio digital touch adjustment, eliminating the need for unreliable external potentiometer adjustment.

● The indoor unit comes standard with 8 zones, including 4 delay zones, 2 immediate zones, and 2 24-hour zones.

● The indoor unit comes standard with 12 chord ring tones.

● 7-inch touch button operation of indoor unit, graphic prompt, easy to use.

● The menu is changed to a newly designed UI operation interface. The color is bright and steady, and the icons are exquisite and more beautiful.

● Scalable smart home situation control function to realize linkage control with smart home system.

● Expandable multimedia information, visitor photo messages and other functions.


"Focus on the product, wisdom for 20 years." XG-BUILDING now has: 8 series of products, 20 years of professional manufacturing experience, 32 sales service agencies, more than 2,500 partners, more than 30 million end users. As an industry pioneer and well-known company, the company continuously improves product performance, always pays attention to the development trend of the same industry in the world, and absorbs the latest design theories at home and abroad. XG-BUILDING will adhere to the corporate philosophy of “perfect and perfect”, and make friends with the world in good faith to create a smart life.


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