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A7 type directly press the door host

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A7 type directly press the door host

Gold-brushed aluminum case with standard ID access
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Gold-brushed aluminum case with standard ID access


● 12V-18V wide voltage supply;

● Standard ID card reader, large storage capacity;

● Stainless steel + conductive rubber button, engraving characters, better elasticity and durability;

● The same support bus and N+1 line system.

● The host automatically assigns the room number according to the standard at the factory, specifications 2*8 and 3*8


technical parameter:

● call time limit - 90 seconds;

● Working voltage - DC12V-18V ±10%;

● Ambient humidity - 45% ~ 95%;

● Ambient temperature - +55% ~ -10%;

● Frequency response - 400 ~ 3400KHz ± 3dB;

● Outer size - 273 (length) X130 (width) X45 (thickness) mm;

● Mounting size - 250 (length) X108 (width) X33 (thickness) mm.

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