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H18 color hands-free extension

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H18 color hands-free extension

Standard 4.3-inch color LCD screen, crystal beautiful, European style, ultra-thin design.
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Standard 4.3-inch color LCD screen, crystal beautiful, European style, ultra-thin design.


● 4.3-inch color LCD display, high resolution, rich colors

● Chord ringtone, indoor unit comes standard with 4 zones.

● Push-button operation, graphic prompts, easy to use.

● UI operation interface, bright colors, delicate and exquisite icons.

● Standard emergency call button, can set the DND mode;

● Standard video intercom. Active monitoring, household calls. Call Management Center function

● Support information inquiry, visitor photo, ladder control, etc.

● Support handheld engineering treasure to set indoor room number

● Support non-standard POE power supply


technical parameter:

● Color 4.3 inch TFT high definition LCD screen with resolution 480*272

● Push-button operation

● Working voltage: DC15-18V

● Standby power consumption: <2W

● Maximum power consumption: <5W

● Frequency response: 300~3400HZ L18

● Working temperature: -13℃~ 55℃

● Ambient humidity: 45% to 95%

● Material: ABS

● Dimensions: 180*120*23mm

● Installation method: wall-mounted, pre-embedded 86 boxes

● Communication method: TCP/IP

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