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Management host(ET-BTC-7)

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Management host(ET-BTC-7)

The LCD screen is displayed in Chinese, which is convenient and quick to operate.
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● Call any household extension to realize two-way conversation

● Receive any extension call and display the caller ID

● The LCD screen is displayed in Chinese, which is convenient and quick to operate.

● Can unlock the door host and the wall machine

● It can receive alarm information from each household extension, and display the alarm type and extension number.

● It can record the date, time, and other information of each alarm, and can query the previous alarm records at any time.


technical parameter:

● Call time limit - 90 seconds

● Display - LCD Chinese display

● Working voltage - DC18V ± 10%

● Ambient humidity - 45% to 95%

● Ambient temperature - +55% ~ -10%

● Frequency response - 400 ~ 3400KHz ± 3dB

● Working current - ≤400mA

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