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Personal anti-lost tracker

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Personal anti-lost tracker

The remote intelligent control panel can query the map location details of the tracker
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Name: Personal anti-lost tracker


Function Description:

> GSM base station positioning, no geographical restrictions, as long as there is a mobile phone network where location can be achieved

> Query the tracker's map location details with the remote intelligent control panel

> Map location details of the tracker can also be queried via the user's mobile phone when going out

> Personal anti-lost tracker can also be used as a mobile phone call, answer any incoming call, call two set emergency numbers

> and can be remotely monitored

> Suitable for children, the elderly to prevent loss of use

> Suitable for use as a student mobile phone

technical parameter:

> Size: 81*48*19mm

> Power supply: lithium ion battery

> Operating temperature: 0℃~ 60℃

> Ambient humidity: ≤ 80%

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