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Wireless infrared repeater

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Wireless infrared repeater

The wireless/infrared repeater receives the home smart terminal
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Name: Wireless Infrared Repeater


Function Description:

> The wireless/infrared transponder receives the RF signal from the home intelligent terminal, the telephone remote controller, and the information appliance controller. After converting to the infrared signal, the control of the infrared electrical device is completed, and the room where each controlled infrared device is located Need to install

> Power through the socket, plug and play, save energy

> Mass storage, each transponder can store more than 100 infrared codes

> Multi-angle launch tube arrangement, no dead ends

technical parameter:

> Size: 93*62*23mm

> Working voltage: 180 ~ 250Vac

> Operating temperature: 0℃~ 60℃

> Ambient humidity: ≤ 80%

> RF receiving sensitivity: -100dBm

> RF controlled distance: indoor 30m, barrier-free 100m

> Infrared control range: 15m barrier-free

> Signal forwarding distance: 20m in all directions

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