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Smart Switch

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Smart Switch

Standard 86 series electric switch for switch management of home lighting
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Name: Smart Switch (Ice Crystal Blue)


Function Description:

> Standard 86 series electric switch for switch management of home lighting

> Simultaneously receive RF control commands from home smart terminals, information appliance controllers and intelligent control panels to manage the on/off of lights in the home and control their working conditions

> Capacitive inductive button at the same time, can be used with ordinary switch

> Dimming and non-dimming switches, arbitrarily selected according to your needs

> Includes embedded RF transceiver module

> Single button, double button, three button switch, single fire power supply mode, compatible with common switch wiring

> Crystal panel, crystal clear, beautiful appearance, touch operation

> Single fire line design for easy installation

> Adapt to all kinds of lamps, pair with incandescent lamps and spotlights can be stepless dimming

> High power design can reach 1100w

> Remote control is more than 30 meters indoors

technical parameter:

> Size: 86*86*35mm

> cassette size: 77*77*38mm

> Specifications: Standard 86, modular design

> Working voltage: 180 ~ 250Vac

> Operating temperature: 0℃~ 60℃

> Ambient humidity: ≤ 80%

> Maximum load: 1000W

> Controlled distance: indoor 30m, barrier-free 100m

> Maximum number of control codes can be stored: 8

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