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H18 standard door host

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H18 standard door host

Matte aluminum alloy, touch button
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Matte aluminum alloy, touch buttons, 3.5-inch high-definition digital screen, voice prompts.


● Standard HD camera with adjustable angle

● Standard ID card reader and password unlock

● Standard network cable and sheathed cable interface to meet different wire wiring.

● It can be directly set to use as a community wall machine, and the system is more streamlined.

● Switch the door machine audio/video signal to the management center

● Intercom can be intercommunicated with the extension, remote unlocking of the receiving extension

● Call the management center machine to receive the remote unlock of the central machine

● External network controller can be used to realize all host network interconnection in the community

● Can connect multiple door sills to support multiple door access

● With anti-demolition alarm device, illegal disassembly will automatically sound an alarm

● Upgradeable fingerprint recognition function (model: E3SAVC-GKH18-Z, capacity 3000 pieces)


technical parameter:

● 3.5 inch high definition LCD screen

● Screen resolution: 320*240

● Working voltage: DC18±5%

● Audio output without distortion power: main call channel ≥ 5mW / response channel ≥ 100mW

● Working current: dynamic ≤500mA / static ≤150mA

● Video output: 1Vp-p 75Ω

● Digital room number: 4 or 3 dynamically available

● Call time limit: 90 seconds

● Camera: 1/3"CCD

● Resolution: 480 lines

● ID capacity: 30000

● IC capacity: unlimited

● Dimensions: 356*136*58

● Installation size: 343*118*50

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