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Dreams for the horse, don't bear the glory--XG-BUILDING Henan Service Center

Dreams for the horse, don't bear the glory--XG-BUILDING Henan Service Center

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I have dreamed of taking the sword to the horizon.

Take a look at the bustling world

Young hearts are always frivolous

Now we are home to the world.

It’s the hot blood of a star who always goes to the distance.

Going far away is to make life more brilliant,

Walking on the rugged road for twenty years,

Always looking up at the starry sky,

The young eyelids are filled with stars and dreams.

Whether it’s walking alone or together,

As long as there is a faint starlight,

Each of our footprints is solid and powerful.

XG'people learn to suffer,

Learn to collect tears like pearls,

Bringing tears together on the day of success,

That day,

Even if it flows, it is a sea of ocean.

XG'people to misunderstand,

Learn to taste the bitter wine of life as a wine, slowly

No matter how many grievances and hardships in life,

We always have a vibrant face,

Wake up every morning.

XG'people learn to treat rumors,

Learn to calmly and calmly face the vicissitudes of life,

Taishan collapsed before the moment,

Suddenly surprised,

This is the cultivation of our starlight people.

Someone asked,

So strong for XG'people,

Without it,

Only perfect, dedication

Can not afford Huaying。


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