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XG-BURIDING Northeast Engineering Conference

XG-BURIDING Northeast Engineering Conference

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On June 24th, 2017, Foshan Xingguang Building Equipment Co., Ltd., as one of the top ten brands of building intercom, was invited to participate in the “2017 China Security Engineering Company (System Integrator)” held at Shenyang Sanlong Spring Hotel. The 11th China Security New Products and New Technology Achievements Exhibition Conference."
The meeting was delivered by Ms. Cheng Shengjun, Vice Chairman of the China Security Association, Deputy Inspector of the Jilin Provincial Public Security Department, and Ms. Liu Min, Chairman of the Social Security Products Industry Association of Jilin Province. Ms. Yang Ying, Secretary General of Beijing Institute of Safety Technology, Mr. Zhang Xuefu, President of Heilongjiang Security Association, and Mr. Han Xuefan, Director of Liaoning Provincial Security Association, attended the event.

Mr. Zhang Bing, General Manager of our company, and Xiao Chunlin, Manager of Liaoning Province, spoke on the stage as representatives, and shared with the participating engineering companies (system integrators) the achievements and experience of XG-BURIDING in the building intercom industry for 20 years. The participating engineering company (system integrator) introduced our company's building intercom series products and the upcoming new products - cloud intercom visual system.

Liaoning sales manager came to the stage to introduce cloud intercom systemThe cloud intercom visual system independently developed by our company is based on visual intercom, smart phone APP application, cloud computing, internet, and the theme of smart community, with community security, community information, community service, and electronics. Business and other functions, the cloud intercom system of Starlight Building has bright spots such as high communication efficiency, powerful functions, wide range of use and low cost.

The picture shows the consultant now consultingThe meeting was held in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere. Through interactive sessions, the participating contractors (system integrators) better understood and recognized Starlight Building Company and our products, and were recognized by the engineering company (system integrator). Praise.

The picture shows the engineering company introducing the system plan


The picture shows all the participants XG-BURIDING has owned 20 series products, 20 years of professional manufacturing experience, 32 sales service organizations, more than 2,500 partners, and more than 30 million end users. We are "perfect and dedicated" "The corporate philosophy, we provide a more practical, comprehensive and detailed solution for the construction of a smart community.


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