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New Product Delivery--XG-BUILDING Fingerprint Door Machine

New Product Delivery--XG-BUILDING Fingerprint Door Machine

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With the universal application of fingerprint access control in the management of access control, Xingguang Building independently researched and developed the key technology development of fingerprint security certification in 2015, and won the third prize of science and technology of Guangdong Science and Technology Commission.

Recently, Xingguang Building has launched a 18K fingerprint public door host with independent intellectual property rights. The maximum capacity of fingerprints is 3000. Using semiconductor fingerprint sensors, semiconductor fingerprint sensors have the advantages of small size and high recognition rate, as follows:

1) High recognition rate;

2) The image collection can be automatically ended, and the image quality is getting better and better;

3) Strong anti-counterfeiting fingerprints;

4) Strong antistatic ability;

5) Ultra-thin volume: can be embedded in various end products.

6) Wide temperature range from -20 ° C to 60 ° C;

The 18K fingerprint door host button adopts a meson chip method and has the following features:

1) good conduction performance; nickel plating anti-oxidation;

2) It has a better feel; the product is light and small; the touch is quite brisk;

3) Long life; operating life of more than 1 million times;

4) Good dustproof; excellent anti-moisture and heat-proof performance; contact design is more reliable against foreign materials.

Fingerprint door host E3SAVC-GW18K

CNC carved gold metal panel, metal light button, exquisite atmosphere, natural and exclusive.

XG-BUILDING Fingerprint door machine


◆Champagne gold CNC carved aluminum plate, black pure flat plate, gold light button, aluminum high light CCD shield;

◆ Flat European design, two-line and three-sided functional partition, integrated panel, shockproof, explosion-proof, rainproof;

◆Industrial high-speed 32-bit ARM processor, car-level professional touch chip, system data processing capability is stronger, and touch is stable and reliable;

◆ 7-inch high-definition digital screen, beautiful man-machine interface and extended to achieve wide-ranging playback, information release function;

◆ Graphic menu display, live voice prompt, user-friendly UI interactive operation interface, convenient and quick to debug;

◆ Built-in ID/IC access control integration to realize cell card management;

◆ Built-in high-definition camera, unit door machine and community wall machine can be converted independently;

◆ The network cable and the sheathed cable interface coexist, and the versatility is stronger;

◆Extensible face recognition. Two-dimensional code to open the door;

◆Extension APP can open the door and other functions;

◆Fingerprint capacity: 3000 pieces

◆Applicable temperature: -20 °C-60 °C.

technical parameter:

◆Working voltage: DC18-35V±5%

◆ Audio output without distortion power: main call channel ≥ 5mW / response channel ≥ 100mW

◆Working current: dynamic ≤500mA / static ≤150mA

◆Video output: 1Vp-p 75Ω

◆ Digital room number: 4 or 3 dynamically available

◆ call time limit: 90 seconds

◆Camera: 1/3′′ CCD

◆ Definition: 480 lines

◆Dimensions: 356*196*58mm

◆ Buried wall size: 340*180*45mm

◆Door size: 327*177*35mm

18K threshold host compatible with E-3 full range indoor extension


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