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Embrace the Cloud and Enjoy the Future - XG-BUILDING Zhang's Theme Report for the E-3 Smart Cloud Intercom System

Embrace the Cloud and Enjoy the Future - XG-BUILDING Zhang's Theme Report for the E-3 Smart Cloud Intercom System

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Mr. Zhang, general manager of Foshan Xingguang Building Equipment Co., Ltd., in the industry development forum of weak electric transport network in Guangzhou, Wuhan and Hefei, respectively, embraced the cloud and enjoyed the theme report of the future. He said that the building of Starlight was established in 1996, and the predecessor was affiliated with The national large-scale military enterprise is a large-scale production enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. With 20 years of experience in manufacturing the industry, it has established 32 service agencies across the country, with more than 2,500 partners, Starlight Building Products. Covers video intercom, smart home, cloud access control and so on. For more than 20 years, based on the business philosophy of honesty, cooperation and win-win future, we have successfully applied to more than 30 million families with our core values of dedication and perfection.

Embrace the Cloud, Enjoy the Future - Introduction to Starlight Building E-3 Smart Cloud Intercom System

System Overview:

The E in the E-3 name is derived from the Explorer abbreviated E in the Internet Explorer of the Internet (the network is synonymous), and the 3 is the abbreviation of the most widely used 03 visual system in Starlight Building, which can be understood as the Explorer-03 WAN-based network. Visual system.

The E-3 smart cloud intercom system independently developed by Xingguang Building is based on video intercom, smart phone APP application, cloud computing and internet, with the theme of smart community, community security, community information, community service, and electronics. Business and other functions provide a more practical and comprehensive solution for the construction of a smart community.

Embrace the cloud, enjoy the future


◆The threshold host supports a variety of door opening modes such as QR code, fingerprint, user password, access control card, etc., and can realize special functions such as wide-playing, information release, and image capture.

◆The door host network uses TCP/IP protocol to directly access the management center through the cell LAN;

◆Mobile APP can realize remote video intercom, remote door opening, call management center, receiving visitor records and alarm information, interaction between owners and property information, smart home control, etc., providing community security, community information, community services and E-commerce platform

◆ E3 full range of indoor visual machines can be equipped to meet the needs of different positioning communities, providing a more practical and complete solution for the smart community.

◆ The management center adds PC client host to monitor the running status of the system equipment in real time, realize door status monitoring, door machine offline, equipment abnormal alarm and fault remote diagnosis, equipment online upgrade and other services; provide efficient and convenient management mode for equipment maintenance .

◆ The management center adds a PC client host to implement management functions such as user rights, security authentication, data query, and information release. Provide efficient and convenient management mode for the property.

◆ Configure public network broadband lines for the management platform to achieve mutual access with the owner's mobile APP. In order to ensure the video quality of the mobile APP, the bandwidth of the management center public network is calculated according to the maximum simultaneous call volume, that is, the upstream bandwidth ≥ the total number of units* mobile phone real-time video stream (D1 image quality is 1 Mbps)

Intellectual property:

product description

First, the cloud access control host (model plus 4G can achieve free wiring cloud intercom, such as: YOS4G-GK18)

Product parameters

◆ Operating system: Android 5.1;

◆ Configuration:

CPU: COTEX A9 quad-core processor, 1.4GHz 28nM process

Memory: 1G (DDR3*32bit 800MHz)

Storage capacity: 8G (EMMC 5.1)

Wireless WIFI network: support 802.11b/g/n 2.4G

Wired RJ45 network: support 100M/1000M

Display: 7 inch / 3.5 inch TFT HD LCD display

Screen resolution: 7 inch 1024*600, 3.5 inch 320*240

Wireless 4G network: optional 4G network card, support mobile / Unicom 4G network

Camera: 200W / HD low illumination, wide dynamic

Audio video: High-power waterproof speaker. Supports scrolling of media files in formats such as AVI/MP4/WMV/RM/RMVB/MKV

● Dimensions (18K): 356*196*58

● Dimensions (H8): 363*135*63

● Power: DC18-35V/+-5%

● Power consumption: about 7W

● Power supply mode: centralized power supply


Second, the client APP

Support Android or Apple IOS, mobile APP can realize remote video intercom, remote door opening, call management center, receiving visitors and alarm information, interaction between owners and property information, smart home control, etc., providing community security and community information for smart communities. , community services and e-commerce platforms.


Owner login authentication Can home, security alarm APP mobile video intercom

Cloud Service Management Platform Video Surveillance, Community Interaction Remote Unlocking Call Management Center

Compatible with E-3 full range indoor extension

Third, the management center machine

Ultra-thin 10.1-inch display, tablet model, touch operation; graphic menu is clear and delicate, at a glance; high-grade frosted gold CNC carved aluminum plate


◆10.1-inch high-definition TFT LCD screen with a resolution of 1024*600

◆Call or answer the indoor extension and talk to it, answer the unit host and the wall machine call and unlock it

◆Call and alarm processing, including receiving massive household calls/alarms and storing related records

◆Photo-capture function, active patrol door machine and wall machine, take the initiative to capture relevant images; administrator ◆ take the initiative to leave a message or automatically turn in the message when the system is not answered, record the owner, visitor photo

◆With massive record storage and query function

◆Support single-machine independent operation mode, that is, work independently without computer single machine

◆Supports practical functions such as media playback, background music, and property management


Into the XG | Do not forget the beginning of the heart

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