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Frozen weather, warm PARTY

Frozen weather, warm PARTY

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The sound of firecrackers is early in the morning, and the peaches are everywhere when they are old;

The spring breeze dances in front of the willow, and the rain rains to open the garden flowers.


On January 27, 2018, we welcomed the Starlight Building "Thanks 2017 to spend with you" party. More than 200 starlight people gathered together for a wonderful moment! Quickly follow the beauty of the series to review the wonderful moments.

Beautiful starlight host


Opening of the annual meeting, Mr. Zhang toasted and delivered a speech: Thanks to the employees, partners, customers and friends who walked with the company in 2017, thank you for your support for the building of Starlight for many years.

Thanksgiving Starlight Building has been fighting for the long-term brothers and sisters in the market all over the country, as well as partners in the company's headquarters in research and development, quality control, material control, customer service and other positions. For 20 years, it is your outstanding efforts to promote the continuous development of Starlight buildings. before.

President Wu awards "2017 XG-BUILDING Excellent Employees and Progressive Employees"

At the moment of warmth, Mr. Zhang presented awards to the staff of “2017 Ten Years of Admission”

I don’t think I’ve reached 50, I’m surprised to receive flowers.

Perfection. Dedication. Employees who have served for more than ten years

The employees of the workshop sing and sing: "We are not the same" "No longer hesitate"

The crisp children’s voice is like Xiao Huangqi

Unique Fan's Children's Allegro

Beautiful blue and white porcelain

Passionate Indian dance


Thank you for your 2017 Thanksgiving, 2018 let us work side by side.

In the new year, let us look forward to

Tomorrow will be better!

I wish China's security industry is increasingly brilliant!

I wish my friends a good year!