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XG-BUILDING | Achieve start date, when voting

XG-BUILDING | Achieve start date, when voting

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Beijing Anbo will enter the third day of the countdown and meet the refreshing autumn wind. The first echelon of the Starlight Building has set off for Beijing, let us meet in Beijing and have a dream together.

Starlight Buildings has been deeply involved in the security industry for 22 years and has been moving all the way. In 2010-2017, Starlight Building was selected as the "Top Ten Brands for Building Intercoms" for eight consecutive years.

As an important activity of the China International Building Intelligentization Summit, the 2018 “Top Ten Building Intercom Brands” selection event organized by Qianzhi Zhike was officially launched. Please poke the “Read Original” in the lower right corner to enter the voting address, and then press the following three. The step helps us vote for Guan Jian. Thank you all!




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