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Beijing | Project Delivery Day, when the exhibition is going on

Beijing | Project Delivery Day, when the exhibition is going on

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On October 23, the first day of the Beijing Anbo Conference, the E3 video intercom system of Starlight Building settled in Beijing Shengde Dongxing Home, and successfully delivered it!

Beijing Shengde Dongxing Home, located in Fengtai District, Beijing, was developed by Beijing Pengrui Real Estate Co., Ltd., designed by Beijing Wuzhou Engineering Design Group and built by Henan Urban Construction Group, with 3,930 large residential quarters.


Shengde Dongxing Homeland Exterior Map

Beijing Shengde Dongxing Home is a smart community service that transcends the services of ordinary properties and realizes the technology of community service, from consumption mode to safety monitoring. The community uses the E3 visual system of Foshan Xingguang Building Equipment Co., Ltd. It perfectly integrates the various needs of the community and builds a comprehensive intelligent service system.

Unit real map using H8G host

What kind of system does the Starlight Building E3 visual system use in Beijing Shengde Dongxing Home and what kind of function does the project host have? The following small series will bring you a detailed understanding: It is reported that the project uses the best-selling H8G host of Starlight Building. The host has a variety of door opening functions such as “brush face + fingerprint + QR code + password + swipe card”, and the star building E3 The system "integrated mobile APP remote video intercom, multimedia information release, visitor photo, smart home control and other functions, can be equipped with E3 series indoor extensions for smart positioning needs of different positioning."

Host H8G used in the project

H18 indoor extension used in the project

At the "2018 China International Social Public Safety Products Expo", which opened on October 23 at the Beijing International Expo Center, Starlight Building Company carried a number of new R&D products to attend the AMB.

On the first day of the exhibition, the audience in front of the Starlight Building Pavilion came to the forefront and came to consult the solutions and equipment experience of the Starlight building products.

Booth scene

On the day of the launch, the booth attracted foreign businessmen to consult.

On the day of the launch, the exhibitor who came to the booth for consultation

On the day of the exhibition, the customer who came to the booth for consultation

Our service team

"Focus on the product, wisdom for 20 years." Starlight Building now has: 8 series of products, 20 years of professional manufacturing experience, 32 sales service agencies, more than 2,500 partners, more than 30 million end users. As an industry pioneer and well-known company, the company continuously improves product performance, always pays attention to the development trend of the same industry in the world, and absorbs the latest design theories at home and abroad. Starlight Building will adhere to the corporate philosophy of “perfect and perfect”, and make friends with the world in good faith to create a smart life.



The exhibition will last until October 26th.

We are waiting for you at the E36 in Hall W1!

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