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E3 network visualization system

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E3 network visualization system

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First, the system overview
The E-3 visual system is a network visual system based on differential video transmission and 485 communication protocol. It is integrated on the basis of Starlight Building Bus System TOP-2003 and Network Cable T-5 Visual System. The network cable and sheathed cable transmission scheme is integrated, supporting TCP/IP digital networking.
The E-3 visual system is based on the all-round design concept of "1 set system to meet a variety of residential needs". The two functional modules of the network cable and the sheathed cable are used in the body, the unit door machine and the indoor unit standard network cable and 6P jacket. The dual-line interface supports the line architecture of different cells and ensures the stable transmission of audio and video signals in multi-layer/high-rise buildings. It is suitable for different communities, especially the project of “old district reconstruction”, which greatly saves the inventory, installation, commissioning and maintenance costs of the project, and provides “stable and reliable, simple structure, full line compatibility and convenient maintenance” for the construction of smart communities. solution.
E-3 visual system supports facial recognition, mobile APP, fingerprint, password, credit card and other opening methods, integrated video intercom, security alarm, information release, visitor photo, smart home control, elevator control, TCP/IP digital Networking and other functions, can be connected to the secondary door machine and indoor sub-extension. Suitable for the smart community needs of different positioning.
Second, the system features --- all-round
1, my function - I am the master
With security alarm + graphic information release + visitor photo + smart home + elevator control + TCP / IP digital networking
With brush face + fingerprint + mobile APP QR code + password + credit card and other opening mode;
Can be connected to the secondary threshold machine and indoor sub-extension
2, my transformation - I am the master
The main unit and the indoor unit are equipped with a standard network cable holder and a 6P cable holder. The same network cable or sheath cable is supported.
网Use the network cable/sheathed cable dual function module to ensure stable transmission of high-rise/multi-layer audio and video signals
The system host supports 18V-35V wide voltage power supply to adapt to different power supply design environments.
The system is compatible with the network cable non-visual extension, and the pure network cable is connected, which is convenient for the owner to upgrade independently.
3, my construction - I am the master
Set the indoor room number by the house number registrar, "fool"
Indoor unit comes standard with graphic menu, DIY sets brightness, contrast, simple and reliable
4, my site - I am the master
According to the different design requirements, we can customize the display interface of different styles to provide customers with customized solutions.

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