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TOP-2003 non-visual system

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TOP-2003 non-visual system

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First, the system overview
TOP2003 intelligent non-visual intercom system is mainly composed of public door host, extension, management center machine, system accessories, power supply, etc. The system uses 32-bit embedded microcomputer control technology, which is a practical function such as access control, intercom, unlocking, etc. In one management platform.
Second, the system features
1, the system is fully compatible. Easy to upgrade
Although the system equipment is divided into different specifications, it is compatible with other equipments, and the appropriate products can be selected according to actual conditions.
2, the system uses integrated design principles, product concise, easy to maintain
All the door hosts in the system are equipped with standard card access control. The direct-press type host supports both bus and N+1 line system to meet the wiring needs of different communities, especially for the transformation of old communities.
3, the system uses double isolation protection to ensure stable operation of the system
Household extensions or unit public equipments have protection and isolation functions. Each household or unit of equipment has a fault that does not affect the normal operation of other equipment. All branches can be isolated from each other, and the anti-interference ability is strong, stable and reliable.
4. The system networking mode is compatible and flexible, and can be selected according to the actual situation of the community.
The system supports partition management. The large-scale community can be divided into several areas according to the size of the cell. Each area can be operated independently and is not subject to the construction progress of the entire community.

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