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XG-BUILDING Entered Anhui Rongsheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. - Hushan No.1 Project

XG-BUILDING Entered Anhui Rongsheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. - Hushan No.1 Project

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The Hushan No.1 project was developed and constructed by Anhui Rongsheng Real Estate Co., Ltd., commissioned by Shanghai Shenlian Architectural Design Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Warner International Architectural Design Co., Ltd. Architectural Design, Shanghai Kaiyi Architectural Design Co., Ltd. Landscape Design, Fujian Yongtai Construction Construction company construction, Hefei Shuyang Engineering Construction Supervision Co., Ltd. supervision. Rongsheng Real Estate adheres to the spirit of honesty, development, and hard work of the company, and adheres to the tenet of “Brand is life, quality is the root” and creates a high-quality community model.

Panorama of Hushan No.1 Project

The Hushan No. 1 project covers a total area of 195 mu, with a total construction area of 296,312 square meters. The total number of households is 1,264, the building volume ratio is 2.0, the building density is 25%, and the greening rate is 41%. The project is fully integrated with the international, ahead of planning one-stop high-quality fashion living street, creating a new community commercial street, attractive prospects attract many powerful businesses to enter, high-end shopping, catering, business, entertainment in one, leading modern business life, driving The city is fully upgraded and evolved.

Hushan nickname real scene

The project adopts the all-digital video intercom system of XG-BUILDING. The host computer adopts the high-end 7-inch local gold advertising host 18K, and the indoor extension uses the 7-inch touch-key indoor unit H7.

Zhu Huawei, manager of the XG-BUILDING Anhui Service Center, followed up the progress of the project during the installation and commissioning period, providing quality and thoughtful technical services to ensure the peace of mind and ease of use.

Anhui Service Center Manager Zhu Huawei is on the construction site

The project uses 7-inch local gold advertising host 18K

The project uses a 7-inch touch button indoor unit H7

"Military manufacturing, starlight creation", XG-BUILDING was established in 1996. Its predecessor was affiliated to the national large-scale military enterprise 9609 factory. With the transformation of the excellent manufacturing industry, the company quickly became a research and development, production, sales and technical service. Joint-stock enterprise. The main products include building intercom system, smart home and smart cloud access control system. Products are sold throughout the country and overseas markets. Starlight's complete product range, proven solutions, and easy-to-use installation experience are sure to surprise you.

"Focus on the product, wisdom for 20 years." XG-BUILDING now has: 8 series of products, 20 years of professional manufacturing experience, 32 sales service agencies, more than 2,500 partners, more than 30 million end users. As an industry pioneer and well-known company, the company continuously improves product performance, always pays attention to the development trend of the same industry in the world, and absorbs the latest design theories at home and abroad. XG-BUILDING will adhere to the corporate philosophy of “perfect and perfect”, and make friends with the world in good faith to create a smart life.


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