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XG-BUILDING Entering Tengxiang Real Estate - Sunshine Xintiandi

XG-BUILDING Entering Tengxiang Real Estate - Sunshine Xintiandi

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Henan Tengxiang Real Estate Co., Ltd. was established on May 27, 2011 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. The company has 135 employees and 69 professional engineers and technicians. Since the establishment of the company, we have developed and built the “Sunshine Xintiandi” community with the responsibility of responsibility and honesty. We have been highly praised by all walks of life, customer-centered, meet and exceed customer needs, and create greater value for customers. It is the goal that the company has been pursuing.

In 2016, Tengxiang Real Estate relied on strong financial strength, talent strength and technical strength. After three years of careful planning and design, its “Sunshine Xintiandi” project started steadily, with high-quality construction, high-quality materials, high green coverage and modern technology equipment. And the integration of the Internet, to create a unique elevator garden house, will subvert the existing traditional life concept, give us a pace of rapid development, build a warm, quiet, happy and comfortable home.

The “Sunshine Xintiandi” project has more than 1,800 households, which is another success of Tengxiang Real Estate following the “Sunshine New City” project.

On May 3, 2017, Foshan Xingguang Building Equipment Co., Ltd. and Henan Tengxiang Real Estate Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and the Starlight Building brand E3 building intercom system entered the community.

Foshan Xingguang Building Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, and its predecessor was affiliated to the national large military enterprise 9609 factory. With the transformation of the military industry, the company has quickly become a joint-stock enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and technical services. The main products include building intercom system, smart home and smart cloud access control system. Products are sold throughout the country and overseas markets.


"Focus on the product, wisdom for 20 years." XG-BUILDING now has: 8 series of products, 20 years of professional manufacturing experience, 32 sales service agencies, more than 2,500 partners, more than 30 million end users. As an industry pioneer and well-known company, the company continuously improves product performance, always pays attention to the development trend of the same industry in the world, and absorbs the latest design theories at home and abroad. Starlight Building will adhere to the corporate philosophy of “perfect and perfect”, and make friends with the world in good faith to create a smart life.


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