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Guess who I am, a star-XG-BUILDING debut at Shenyang Anbo

Guess who I am, a star-XG-BUILDING debut at Shenyang Anbo

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On April 22, 2017, the “19th Northeast International Public Security Products Expo” ended successfully at Shenyang New World Expo Center!

Thank you for visiting the booth of XG-BUILDING 2017 Shenyang Anbo. The brother of our company welcomes you with a bright smile.

In this exhibition, XG-BUILDING showed visitors a variety of new models and new systems. In 2017, Starlight Building took the theme of "Smart Community and Community Renovation Solution" and made a wonderful appearance at Northeast AMB.

In the Northeast AMB, we can see that our brothers and sisters lead the handsome guys to meet you, so that the visitors have a deeper understanding of the "Starlight Building", but also put forward higher requirements for us. Looking at the future, we have a broader market. "XG-BUILDING" is constantly advancing in the sound of encouragement.

"Military Manufacturing, Starlight Creation", XG-BUILDING was established in 1996. Its predecessor is affiliated to the national large military enterprise 9609 factory. The complete product series, mature solutions and easy-to-use installation experience of Starlight Building are believed to bring you more surprise.

“Focus on good products and wisdom for 20 years”, during the Expo, XG-BUILDING will launch “2017 China Merchants Affiliate Program” and “2017 Thanksgiving Feedback Program”, we will be based on “complementary advantages, resource sharing, common development, long-term development”. The principle of “collaboration” recruits core partners such as product service centers, franchisees, and franchisees, and launches “Terminating, worry-free, labor-saving, and money-saving” Terminator series products, and sincerely invites you to develop together with us. .

XG-BUILDING has developed to date: 8 series products, 20 years of professional manufacturing experience, 32 sales service organizations, more than 2,500 partners, more than 30 million end users. As a pioneer and well-known enterprise in the industry, XG-BUILDING continuously improves product performance, always pays attention to the development trend of the same industry in the world, and absorbs the latest design concepts at home and abroad. XG-BUILDING will adhere to the corporate philosophy of “perfect and dedicated”. Integrity and friends in the world, work together to create a smart community.


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